February 1, 2020babe




We had almost a dozen deals happen during the trade window at the end of this month. Seems like a few teams may be looking toward playoff rosters. We only have 52 games left in the season so let's check the pennant races.


PRINCE DIV: hornets2 Hendersonville has jumped up to take over this division by the thinnest of margins, one game. The Hornets are +17 games home vs away and January's 10-2h/7-5a mark contributed to that stat. Manhattan is the one right behind the HH after a solid 9-3 home and bland 6-6 away month. They are +6 overall home/away this year. Ohio is now a 3rd place team but just two out of first. The Buckeyes were 8-4 at home in January but a horrific 2-10 on the road. Overall they're +9 home wins over the road mark. In 4th is Virginia and the Sox are 15 out of first. They still struggle at home with 4 less wins than on the road. Their 5-7 home month and a sparkling 10-2 on the road only adds to the issue. In 5th we find Great Lakes, four back of the Sox. They also struggle at home with 4 more road wins than home and as with the Sox, it showed in January after they went 5-7h/8-4a. Curtis fills up the basement. The Engines won a grand total of 3 games in January and have a +2 margin in overall home wins.


CARAY DIV: blizzard2 It's Buffalo leading the way and now by seven games. They've got +8 home wins vs away on the season after a 10-2h/6-6 away month. Iron City holds down the second slot. The Houserockers are one win better on the year at a home than away after their 9-3h/6-6a month. In third 12 out of first is Bloomington. The Mitts are +12 home/away on the year and 8-4h/5-7a in January. Just two behind them is Riverwolf. The Sharks were 7-5h/8-4 away last month and on the year -4 home vs away wins. In 5th is Maryland who really like the road. Their +8 wins on the road after an equal last month 5-7h/5-7a. Rochester still at the bottom 22 behind Buffalo. The Parrots were 6-6h/2-10a last month and on the year +6 wins at home.


HAMILTON DIV: race2 Southern rolling right along on top here. The Racers are +5 home vs away wins on the year despite a lousy 5-7 home January. The 8-4 away mark helped extend the lead. Eight games back of them is Philadelphia. The Quakers are +9 wins at home against away wins and they had a nice 8-4h with a not so nice 5-7 away month. Just a game back of them is Leland. The Giants 7-5 home January looks awesome compared to the 1-11 away month for them. They are +8 at home on the year vs away wins. In fourth is Welland, 14 out of first. The Mustangs are just one game better at home vs away wins on the year after their 5-7h/5-7a month. In 5th is Oviedo and only 2 behind Welland. The Orcas are +7 on the year at home vs away. They were 8-4h/5-7a in January. Reedley is in the cellar. They were 5-7h/4-8a last month and are now +5 in home wins over away on the year.


WILDCARD: Manhattan has a 1 game on Ohio for the #4 seed and Iron City has the #6 slot. Not all that far behind Iron City is Philly, Leland, Bloomington, Riverwolf and Virginia. All of them are within 10 games of the sixth playoff ticket. Technically no one has been eliminated, yet.


TEAM STATS: My impressions are Southern tops team average, on base, slugging, extra base hits, total bases and putting runners on base. Safe to say they have the best hitting team isn't it? ...That said, Ohio is the best in dingers by a couple over Buffalo... The Buckeyes are also the only team with over 400 walks... Hen'ville legs out a bunch of triples. That must be trying to run out the pain after getting hit by pitches so much... Boy Oviedo sure doesn't whiff all that much... Do they know, at Reedley, that you can steal?.. Sac flies are not a thing of value in Rochester... Maryland avoids hitting into double plays. Not a big concern for Ohio, Philly & Oviedo... Quite the defense by Reedley. Maybe they could throw a tip or two Leland's way... Bloomington's pathetic hitting is being balanced quite well by the very best pitching in the league. Almost a full half a run better than H'ville in ERA. They are the only team not to allow 400, tied for the lead in HR prevention... Buffalo's staff is the only one to be under 300 walks allowed... Maryland is just a couple from racking up 1000 k's. Pretty good fight going on between Reedley & Curtis for the most complete games. Speaking of Curtis pitching, YIKES! Over 1100 hits allowed which is showing up in the over 600 runs allowed.


PLAYER STATS: dickersonmax We have seven qualified guys hitting 300. Guys like Freeman, Blackmon, JD Martinez, Trout and better than all of them is Corey Dickerson (Iro). Mike Trout (Iro) may not have the best average on his team but he's the best of the three with over 400 OBP, the best of two with over 700 slugging and he also is number one in OPS of the three over 1000. You'll find him in top 10 for ribbies and dingers too. Quite a season for him... It's Nicholas Castellanos (Buf) topping the RBI list. He and JD Martinez (Sth) are both over 90... JD is on top of the homer board by one over Max Muncy (Ohi)... Charlie Blackman (Cur) may be wishing he could hit off his own team pitchers but still he's number one in collecting hits along with Freddie Freeman (Sth)... Carlos Santana (Mar) & Joey Votto (Cur) are leading the league in walks... Joey Gallo (Wel) is the best of the four over 130 whiffs on the year... Yasmani Grandal (Blo) has given everything he has to aid the Mitts horrific hitting. That is not a pretty average to see on your baseball card... Pitching leaders are Jacob deGrom (Ohi) and Justin Verlander (Sth) and then rest of the league. deGrom is under 2.00 in ERA by a lot! Verlander is fourth. Verlander is tied for the lead in wins with Cole Hamels (Iro). deGrom is second. Verlander & deGrom are tied for best WHIP. Verlander leads the K/9 and K/BB chart. Somehow Max Scherzer (Man) has gotten ahead of that pair in K's.


PAGE TWO: fiers There are 32 players looking to get into one game... Willians Astudillo (Buf) still leading the world with a 462 average (12h/26ab). Jake Bauers (Wel) is 0 for 10... Jose Ramirez (Sth) and teammate Freddie Freeman are the only two with over 90 runs scored at 94 and 92... Nolan Arenado (Ree) with 416 ab's & Mike Moustakas (Blo) with 449 ab's have 71 extra base hits. Yairo Munoz (Blo) has none with 39 AB... Jose Ramirez (Sth) has been nailed 10 times stealing. Trea Turner (Phi) is perfect 23 for 23... Starlin Castro (Lel) has never been hit after 485 plate appearances. Anthony Rizzo (Man), C.J. Cron (Hen) and Robinson Chirinos (Lel) have been nailed 17 times. Just 369 pa's for Chirinos... Freddie Freeman (Sth) has 8 sac flies... Trey Mancini (Cur) plus David Peralta (Ohi) have hit into 19 double plays. Brandon Belt (Roc) never has done that in 260 ab's... There are 30 guys in double digits for errors. One of them has 18. Two of them have 19. One of them, Eduardo Escobar (Riv) has mad 32 errors!!!... We have 37 undefeated pitches. Dan Straily (Sth) is 7-0. There are 33 winless pitchers and Domingo German (Cur) is at the bottom of that pile at 0-9... Oliver Perez (Mar) after 9.0 ip has a 0.00 ERA. Aaron Bummer (GrL) is at 0.49 on 18.3ip. Juan "one run" Nicasio (Sth) has a not good 9.29 ERA after 31.0ip... Michael Fulmer (Cur) has completed 13 of his 21 starts... Kyle Hendricks (Riv) has tossed 3 shutouts... Jacob Junis (Buf), Mike Fiers (Sth) & Zach Eflin (Iro) have given up 29 homers. Eflin did it in 110.3ip. Cory Gearrin (Ovi) has given up just 1 in 44.7 innings... Michael Fulmer (Cur) has walked 67 in his 170.0ip... Oliver Perez (Mar) has a 16.0 K/9 ratio in 9.0ip. Robbie Erlin (Mar) has a 16.0 K/BB ratio in 38.0ip... Seranthony Dominquez (Blo) has been in 61 games. Seventeen pitchers haven't pitched.


Do the official stats posted on the STATS page match yours? You can check it there as well as more player and complete team stats.