TCWBA Newsletter


August 1, 2018




Here we are. Summertime which isn't a good place for a winter league. We don't have a draft to speculate about. We don't have cuts to make. We don't have any games to play. We don't have much of anything going on. We've had one trade since July 4th. Just waiting for August to become September.


Some things to think about. How about if our free agent draft was mid July? People are interested in trading up to the draft, then a bit after it and then we wait for September. A July draft would eliminate one dead month..... Tampa Bay is changing the definition of a starting pitcher and for that matter a relief pitcher. We now have "openers". Do we care?..... Nice to see the HOF selections of Chipper Jones, Jim Thome, Vladimir Guerrero and Trevor Hoffman. Those four are solid selections. The 2CCOB (2nd Chance Committee of Old Buddies) continued their efforts of watering down what it means to be a Hall of Famer with their Morris & Trammell selections. Very good players for sure, not in the other fours class