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manhattanIntroducing our new champion, the Manhattan Marauders managed by Dennis Dvorak. It wasn't an easy trip to the crown. The Marauders entered the playoffs as the #5 seed and were forced to play first round games. That best of five match went bad right away as they lost the first two games but they then staged an epic comeback winning the next three to advance. In Round 2 they took on the #2 seed Rochester and demolished them in five games hitting 23 extra base hits & 8 of them homers. It was on to the Title round. Equally impressive was the other side of the bracket. Gordon Rodell's Leland Giants entered the playoffs as the #6 seed. They beat Great Lakes in round one, then made it past top rated Welland in seven to enter the finals. In the Championship round of #5 vs #6, it again shows that every team in the playoffs is very good and can win the title. Leland won the opening game and then Manhattan hammered their way to the title winning 7-1, 4-3, 17-14(10i), 4-2. They stroked 8 homers and had 21 extra base hits while holding the Giants to under 200 hitting. Max Scherzer delivered two wins, Rafael Devers knocked in 6 while Michael Conforto had 5 rbi. Party time in Manhattan and we tip our caps to Dennis and his Manhattan Marauders!


Did we have any new records set last year? Yes we did. Taylor Rogers (Roc) posted a new saves mark of 62. Anthony Rizzo (Man) set a new hit by pitcher mark of 39. Gerrit Cole (Mar) tied Randy Johnson's K record with 306.


A proposal regarding the schedule was offered and approved without a single negative vote. That reads: "At the end of each month, there will be four days rest".


What else do I have that is newsworthy?. Our lottery involving the first five picks in the upcoming draft was held early in April and Oviedo won the top pick moving up from being second. Keystone went from five to second, Iron City dropped two spots to third and Bloomington plus Louisville dropped a spot... Trading is happening although you might not notice. We've had 22 completed but last year we had 58 on May 1. Thirteen of those 22 deals involved a draft pick. Maybe more deals will happen later this month with more MLB stats available. Laurel Highlands has been active which shouldn't surprise anyone. Keystone is publically advertising who they are dumping into the draft (DFA) and who you can negotiate to obtain. We have three teams sitting back and maybe wisely just observing. That's it until next month.





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C.C. Sabathia 2001-19 (19yrs): 251-161 WL/3.74 ERA.. 3577ip/3404h/3093k.. 2x sub 3 ERA.. 6x AS... HOF no

John Santana 2000-12 (12yrs): 139-78 WL/3.20 ERA.. 2025ip/1726h/1988k.. 6x sub 3 ERA.. 4x AS.. HOF no

Urban Shocker 1916-28 (13yrs): 187-117 WL/3.17 ERA.. 2681ip/2709h/983k.. 7x sub 3 ERA.. 4x 20W. 0x AS.. HOF no

Ken Singleton 1970-84 (15yrs): 282/388/436.. 246HR/2029h/1065rbi/21sb.. 4x +300 AVG.. 3x AS.. HOF no

Cory Snyder (Gary Carter doppelganger) 1986-94 (9yrs): 247/291/425.. 149HR/902h/488rbi.. 3x +20HR.. 0x AS.. HOF no