July 1, 2019babe




sotoOn June 17th we began our annual free agent draft when Bob Fenili made Juan Soto the #1 pick. On June 21st, with the 159th pick and final pick, Tim Kiger made Adam Plutko the new Mr Irrelevant. That is incredible! Just five days! Nobody selected someone who had been previously picked. Nobody went beyond the time limit. It just shows what a terrific group of managers we have. I tip my cap to all of you. My observations on the draft. Gordon Rodell (Lel) took Jesse Biddle in 7th round and followed that in the 8th round with J.T. Riddle. We had five Tyler's get picked. Austin (Riv), Duffy (Vir), Mahle (Blo), O'Neill (Wel) & White (Phi). Three of them went in one round. We had four Adam's and Ryan's. Tim Kiger (GrL) had 18 picks while Daniel Dumont (Riv) just 4.


Since the draft trading really spiked and we have 68 in the books. All of last year we had 66. Riverwolf & Southern have made 22 deals. Wayside and Ohio 0. If you're in the market for something I see that Bloomington has 11 starting pitchers while Riverwolf has just six. Oviedo has a 20 man pitching staff. Southern has 7 A* (370ip) or better relievers. Rochester and Curtis have zero. There are 604 innings of relief on Virginia and Welland. Wayside has 1267 graded start innings. If you never play an extra inning game and win every single one of your 162 games, you'll need 1458 innings. Riverwolf, Ohio and Virginia have four guys at 1B, Wayside has four at 2B, Great Lakes five on 3B, Iron City 5 at SS. There are 12 infielders on Great Lakes. Leland and Oviedo only 7. Welland has 9 outfielders. Just four of those on Rochester. There are 10 no card players on all the rosters. Philadelphia has four of them.