June 1, 2017




hamjudgehamkidDraft day christmas presents are unwrapped and on rosters. Our draft kicked off on June 19th and we have some photo's. On the extreme left you can see Reedley owner Larry Ham contemplating his first pick and after several seconds he emailed everyone of his choice for the #1 pick of our 2017 draft, Aaron Judge (middle). To Judge's right is a lifelong Bridegroom fan expressing his feeling about that pick. The rest of the draft sometimes sped right along with a couple of slow to a crawl days. I believe only twice was someone picked after already being drafted. On June 27th, Chris Uhlhorn made the 175th pick of A.J. Achter to close the draft. We did have 14 trades during the draft with several of the drafted personnel involved. Those deals actually pushed our annual trade total past last years entire off-season.



Shortly after the draft Gordon Rodell got all of his draftees together for a Caribbean cruise on the family yacht which is also pictured.. New TCWBA manager Andy Jeschke sent in a photo of his post-draft roster trying to get into the dugout for a group photo.


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