November 1, 2017




Great job by everyone getting their games done by the 25th. I want to note that using the 25th makes my job so much easier. On a different matter, I know I've mentioned this in emails but once again please use first initials when reporting stats for the common names.


The pennant races..... Prince Division: Quite a fight going on for first place. Virginia, riding an impressive 12-3 home month, has the top spot by just a single game over Great Lakes and their stud pitching. The Mashers were also very good at home posting an 11-4 mark. Just three games back of Virginia is Ohio. The Buckeyes didn't seem to care whether they were home or away going 9-6 in both. Only six back is Cincinnati. The Redlegs were good at home winning 10 and just as good losing on the road with 10 losses. The fifth spot a big 13 games back is Jamestown & Curtis. The Jethawks were awful on the road winning just 3 last month while Curtis posted 4 wins on the road and home..... Caray Division: This group has a dead heat for first place. Syracuse & Buffalo tied. The Orange were one game better than the Blizzard at home & one game worse on the road. The Buffalo hitting was great in October. In 3rd, Wayside is six back stumbling a bit on the road with only 6 wins of 15 scheduled. Iron City is three behind the Pioneers despite playing worse at home than on the road. Just a game back of them is Rochester and one game worse in the cellar is Bloomington. Both of those two dropped 11 of 15 road games..... Hamilton Division: Southern roared out to a four game lead with a 13 win home month. Trailing them by 4 games is Philadelphia. The Quakers were tough at home winning 10. Just a couple behind them is Reedley who played a little better on the road than home. Two more back is Welland at 8 out of first. The Mustangs has some issues on the road. Oviedo has 5th place 14 out of first after struggling at home and the road. Two back of the Orcas is Leland. The Giants had a horrible road month winning just 2 games and are already sixteen out of first.


Team stats: The Buffalo team batting average isn't something you see everyday. They are hitting over 300 as a team. They lead the league in hits, homers and are way ahead of the rest in doubles. They also happen to hit into more DP's than anyone else. Philly is right there with the Blizzard in scoring runs from what seems to be a bazillion walks. Ohio is giving the fans a thrill with all their triples. Reedley is walking a lot, second only to Philly, and once they get on they will steal 2nd base and the stats prove that. Apparently everyone on Wayside is a gold glove winner or candidate. The same cannot be said about Virginia. Only one team under 100 runs. Only one team under 200 hits. Only one team under 40 doubles. Only one team hitting under 200. If you said Leland to all of those statements you'd be correct..... On the mound, Great Lakes clearly the best staff with a big lead over second place Southern for ERA. The Mashers are only team to allow less than 200 hits and one of three with under 100 runs allowed. Virginia pitchers lead the league in blowing it by you. We have four teams that have allowed over 100 walks. How about this stat. Iron City has made 10 errors but their pitchers have not allowed a single unearned run. Jamestown & Curtis pitchers are both over 50 homers allowed..... You can find the team stats below the Top 10 leader board on the STAT page and I would suggest looking at what I have as your official totals. Let me know if you don't agree with those stats.


joshaaronPlayer stats: Josh Donaldson (Buf) is off to a hot start. He's 2nd in hitting, slugging and has the best on base mark. He's also on the charts for homers and hits. Freddie Freeman (Sth) is doing pretty good too. He's got the best average in the league, 2nd in OBP & he's found on the slugging list and rbi's. Hat's off to old-time Victor Martinez (Phi). He's one of the ten best hitters and top five OBP plus RBI. Nelson Cruz (Way) is hitting the ball hard. He's top man in homers and is tops in rbi by a bundle of run. Lots of extra base hits coming from Starling Marte (Sth). He is our top man in not only doubles but triples too. You'll also see him on the stolen base list. Billy Hamilton (Ree) has the lead in steals but it's a battle with Jonathan Villar (Wel) and Marte. Not a good year for Jayson Werth (Roc) he's hitting a shocking 122!..... Pitching side of the Stat Leaders we find Aaron Sanchez (Ohi) with the league's best ERA. He and Chris Sale (Iro) are under two. Sanchez also has the best WHIP. All kinds of pitchers with 5 or 4 wins so no one has taken that race over. Same deal in the Saves battle with a bunch at 10 or 11. I didn't expect to find Michael Pineda (Jam) leading the league in strikeouts. Jaime Garcia (Way) is a hitter in a slump dream. He's giving up a run an inning. All this stuff is there on the STAT page.


And there's this: Who's really the best hitter in the league? Yangervis Solarte (Buf) & Matt Holliday (Phi) are 1 for 1 getting you a sweet 1000 batting average. Kurt Suzuki (Sth) is 14 for 34 (412) with 3 doubles and 4 bombs! Tim Beckham (Lel) looking for his first hit after 11 at bats. Miguel Sano (Blo) has whiffed 44 times in 110 at bats. Logan Forsythe (Ohi) has whiffed once after 22 at bats. Jonathan Schoop (Cur) has been thrown out stealing all three times he's tried. Derek Dietrich (Phi) has been drilled 8 times. Yaddy Molina (Buf) and his teammate Miguel Cabrera have hit into 9 double plays. Manny Machado (Vir) has made 12 errors already. Jake Odorizzi (GrL) has made two starts so far. Gone 18.0 innings and both are shutouts. Joe Blanton has allowed 1 run (0 earned) in his 17.0 innings. Ariel Miranda (Cur) has pitched 4.3 innings and given up 3 walks and 9 hits of which 3 went deep, 10 scored and he has a 20.77 ERA. Erasmo Ramirez (Syr) has a 3-0 WL. Sean Manaea (Blo), Wade Miley (Lel) and CC Sabathia (Cur) are 0-5. Scott Kazmir (Cin) has been tagged for 11 homers in 37.0 innings. Tyler Chatwood (Ree) has walked 22 in his 37.0 innings.






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