October 1, 2022




I spent many, many days over the past couple of months thinking about the league and my participation in it. The TCWBA has been a daily part of my fall and winter days since it's beginning. I've made many friends over these years including those who have decided to leave the league in prior years. As both a manager for several of those years and the last ten years as Commissioner I've had a good time competing and most of all making friends. When I did become Commissioner, I corrected gross inaccuracies regarding recaps and official stats by keeping the stats of every team and all players plus creating recaps and stat compilers to aid not only myself but you too. I did enjoy maintaining the stats, the website and other items over these years and hope you also enjoyed my work. All that said over the past months I have lost that desire to continue maintaining things to my satisfaction and spending so much time keeping up with everything needed. Last month I notified all of you that I was shutting down the league as I've known it.


Those of you not in the RCMBA, I hope at some future date to have you join the RCMBA and even if that never happens, I hope our friendships will continue.


I close with a quote from my favorite band, Pink Floyd. "All you touch and all you see, is all your life will ever be".





Hall of Fame Edition