August 1, 2021




I have a calculation for you. There are 162 games of 9 innings on each team schedule. That's 1458 innings. Granted most teams fall a little bit short of that total but not that far off. Just sayin'


Last year at this time we had 136 trades


As we muddle along waiting until September to gauge what our team needs and consider trades, let's talk about the draft and how we fix it. I can tell you now that I am not going to spend half of every day, for a week, waiting for draft picks to happen as I did the last couple of years. It's not fun and I find it hard to understand how anyone enjoys monitoring things that long for that many days. I think we should go to an on-line draft. Maybe not all in one day like in the RCMBA but over two days. Say from 7-9pm on Monday & Tuesday. The second day probably doesn't last two hours. The hyped up "rookies" go pretty quick in round one & two. The next level, significant graded innings and cards, has some bumps but shouldn't take more than an hour or so for the picks. It's when we get to the next level when we slog along taking forever or so to decide which leftover is not a complete piece of garbage. If not on-line and get it done quick, we might continue with an email draft with a time frame for making selections at about 30 minutes AND the draft hours are only from 7-11pm. If you don't make a pick in 30 minutes, then you are skipped and you make a pick from whatever is left when you rejoin the draft.... I'm open to alternate suggestions. If none then I'll set up a vote on the two options I outlined above   in an email proposal around the end of August.






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Fernando Valenzuela 1980-97 (17yrs): 173-153/3.54ERA.. 2930ip/2718h/2074k.. 21-11/3.14ERA in 1986.. 6x all-star.. HOF no

Dazzy Vance 1915-35 (16yrs): 197-140WL/3.24ERA.. 2966ip/2809h/2045k.. 3x20 wins.. 28-6/2.16ERA in 1924.. 0x AS.. HOF 1955

Shane Victorino 2003-2015 (12yrs): 275/340/425.. 1274h/108HR/489rbi/231sb.. 292avg/10hr/25sb in 2009.. 2x all-star.. HOF no

Ron Villone 1995-2009 (15yrs): 61-65WL/4.73ERA.. 1168ip/1115h/925k/8sv.. 5x sub 3.50ERA.. played on 14 teams0x AS.. HOF no

Omar Vizquel 1989-2012 (24yrs): 272/336/352.. 2877h/80HR/951rbi/404sb.. 333avg/191h/42sb in 1999..11x GG.. 3x AS.. HOF no