May 1, 2020babe




As far as I know everyone is doing well although I'd bet most of us would like some kind of sporting event to watch. Curling anyone?


racersCHAMPION 2019-20: Southern Racers..... Our opening round saw Ohio sweep Hendersonville & Manhattan swept Philadelphia. In Round 2 Southern moved on winning 4-1 over Ohio and Buffalo also won 4-1 beating Manhattan. So we had a family face to face World Series. How awesome is that?! In the finals Southern won both home games and when it moved to Buffalo, the Blizzard won all three of their home games. Moving back to Southern the Racers win game six to even the series. In Game 7 the Racers took a first inning lead on J-Ram homer and he singled in another in the 5th. Carpenter makes it a one run game with a homer. In 9th the Blizzard get a leadoff double but can't score him which hands the Racers their 4th title in five years.


A short time after winning the title Jason sadly needed to resign from the league. He's certainly one of the most successful managers in our history and if you had the chance to talk with him, you came away knowing he is a good person. I hope he can return to us in the very near future. Taking over Jason's team and returning to the league is the originator of the TCWBA, Mark Gaudiano and the Hopwood Heat has returned. Most of you know him quite well and if you don't know him you will soon, via numerous trade offers. As far as he's concerned no one is untouchable on his roster, or yours. It's gonna be fun to have him back


One last report from our recent season involves the record book. The only team record of note is Curtis' 121 losses which was the 4th most. On the player side, Jacob deGrom (Ohi) 1.84 ERA was 2nd best in our history. Trevor Bauer (Hen) posted a 2.07 ERA which is 4th. Justin Verlander (Sth) had 25 wins which put him a five way tie for 2nd. Finally Max Scherzer (Man) had 280 k's which ties him for 4th best mark.



As you know we have already approved returning to an eight round draft and retaining five draft picks and that is now in effect. So let's get to other ideas.

Please vote by the end of this month. The normal 12 yes is required for approval. Excepting #1, all will be effective immediately.