September 1, 2022




I met Randy in Cooperstown on August 30th and we spent a bunch of hours in the Hall of Fame. Great time, with a good friend and an awesome location. If you've never been to the Hall, what are you waiting for?..... Heading into the final month before our season begins..... The new schedule means you'll be playing 4 or 5 home games in every series. No way to change that with the current league alignment. Sadly the three game home sets are a thing of the past.


I didn't get any protests about making the Waiver draft a two day event, so it's in effect. As long as I'm talking about that some details. First, everyone will cut down to 35 players by Sept 27th. If you don't I will make the cuts. Second, I post all the cuts and send out an email with Excel sheet showing who is available for the Waiver draft. In case you forgot, it's just those who were cut the day before and it DOES include no carded cuts. Third, you tell me who what player you wish to make a claim and at the same time, who you will cut if the claim is successful. On the 29th after 11pm, I hold that draft. I use the draft order from our summer free agent draft and award the claims. You're claiming and cutting just one player per round. It's a three round draft and then I let everyone know who got what.


I will be asking everyone to give me your optional outlook for the coming season around the middle of the month.

Remember when we get to the final cut down, you are required to have 450 relief innings on your roster.





Hall of Fame Edition